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Look, It Was A Short Month…

And that’s why February’s update happened in March. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

February was a really productive month for me. Regulators Dead Line is done and more importantly, I like it. Which I didn’t before. So that feels like progress. It’s now being edited and I want it out in April. Pre-order links will appear soon. That feels mad to say. It’s been so bloody long. I suppose I best start sorting out promotional stuff.

Which I hate by the way. It goes against my nature to be showy. I was recently talking to Michelle Kidd for the next episode of Criminally Inspired about how as authors we often don’t want to show the world our work. That’s always been the case for me since being a kid. But of course, when you make that choice to be an author and not just someone who writes for themselves, you can’t really do that anymore. Defeats the object a little bit.

So once the pre-order links go up, I’ll be reaching out to people to see if they’d like to do features or interviews about the book. I won’t do many. Just a few where I think there’s a good interest and so on. And in a way that’s nice to be the one being asked questions. It’s the asking people if they want to ask me questions bit that I’m really uncomfortable with. I always feel like I’m looking to brag or show off. Which I guess means I’m proud of my work, and I should do those things. It just makes me feel uncomfortable. But don’t tell anyone, because I get the feeling you’re supposed to pretend that it doesn’t.

Away from writing, February was all about getting back onto the football pitch as Nuneaton Jaguars prepared for their inaugural season in the Outlaw Flag Football League. Somehow, I’ve ended up as Head Coach. Which is wild. But it’s an incredible bunch of people playing a sport we’re all incredibly passionate about and I love that I can help facilitate that. If anyone fancies sponsoring us, give me a shout.

Anyway, I’m off back to writing. Some new projects happening. Maybe I’ll tell you more about those in a future newsletter. Seems I’m going to keep doing them.


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