The Regulators

The Regulators Cover

There’s a mercenary on the streets of London, protected by a gangland boss and bankrolled by members of the government, all of whom are embroiled in a plot to subvert democracy that puts thousands of lives at risk.

This is the thrilling debut novel by Ben Bruce, an explosive, fast paced thriller that opens up the world of The Regulators Jack Quinn and Adam Morgan, as they work with tenacious NCA officer Thea Watts to stop the plot, before it’s too late.

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The thrilling third installment in The Regulators is now available for pre-order.

The thrills of 24, the swagger of Reacher, the smarts of Spooks and the intrigue of Line of Duty... When an old source turns up dead, Adam Morgan finds that a case he thought closed is far from it. But this time, it's him and the rest of The Regulators in the firing line, as a shadowy organisation emerges to tighten it's grip on Britain. As the net closes and Adam runs out of people to trust, there's just one person who can help him to save the country; Jack Quinn. The problem is, no one knows where he is, and even if they can find him, will he want to fight one last time. Dead Line is the highly anticipated third book in The Regulators series by Ben Bruce.

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