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Growing up in a small town in the middle of England, with not a lot really happening, was the perfect place for an imagination to flourish. Indeed, having gone to the same secondary school as noted filmmakers Ken Loach and Gareth Edwards, it almost seemed inevitable that Ben Bruce would end up telling stories sooner, rather than later.

A career working behind the scenes in TV opened a number of doors as he sought out a career as a screenwriter, but when one script was rejected, he was unable to let it go, and thus The Regulators went from the screen to the page.

Now with three Regulators books under his belt and a new series kicking off with the 1960s London based police procedural Dead Men Don’t Pay due for release in July 2024, Ben is quickly cementing his reputation as one of the hottest new indie authors on the scene.

He can often be found on the U.K. Crime Book Club, the country’s largest online book group for crime fiction, where he is an admin and runs the quiz, a staple of the UKCBC Live and Winter Festival. He also hosts their podcast, Criminally Inspired where he talks to authors about their inspirations.

Away from writing, Ben is married with two kids and resides in the East Midlands. A proud Scot, he supports Manchester United and mourns the loss of Nuneaton Borough. He’d love to travel to Philadelphia to see his beloved Eagles play and coaches Nuneaton Jaguars Flag Football team at both Adult and Junior levels.

Image of Ben Bruce

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The thrilling third installment in The Regulators is now available for pre-order.

The thrills of 24, the swagger of Reacher, the smarts of Spooks and the intrigue of Line of Duty... When an old source turns up dead, Adam Morgan finds that a case he thought closed is far from it. But this time, it's him and the rest of The Regulators in the firing line, as a shadowy organisation emerges to tighten it's grip on Britain. As the net closes and Adam runs out of people to trust, there's just one person who can help him to save the country; Jack Quinn. The problem is, no one knows where he is, and even if they can find him, will he want to fight one last time. Dead Line is the highly anticipated third book in The Regulators series by Ben Bruce.

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