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January and It’s Another Update!

January Update

I said at the back end of last year, that I planned to keep updating everyone to what I was doing more often. Or maybe it was the start of this year. I can’t recall without looking and that would mean popping open a new window and then I’d get distracted and we all know the route that takes us all down.

Anyway, I’ve had a very productive but long old January. A sentiment I’m sure many of you can appreciate. It’s been a busy on though. The current word count on Dead Line is 72,252 which means I’m probably a week or so away from finishing the draft and then it’ll be into the edit, with a plan to getting it out there in April. It’s so very nearly what I want it to be – what I’ve wanted it to be all along – and the edit will finalise that. I can’t wait to get it out there.

Meanwhile, Dead Men Don’t Pay is still out there awaiting feedback from publishers and agents. Maybe someone takes it. Maybe not. I’m not waiting on too many more people to get back to me. I’ve not approached many people at all, only those I’m genuinely interested in exploring a relationship with. If no one takes it, we’ll see that sometime this spring as well. 

I’ve also launched the brand new Criminally Inspired Podcast, through the U.K. Crime Book Club. My first guest was the incredibly talented Antony Johnston (Dog Sitter Detectives; The Exphoria Code; Wasteland) and you can listen to us chat about his inspirations here. On February 6th, the next episode with the wonderful Nicky Downes (Broken Girls; Silent Fall; Traffic.) will be up, so be sure to subscribe. 

I also had the tables turned on me and for once, I was the guest being interviewed, when I joined Wayne Kelly on his Joined Up Writing Podcast. It was great to talk about being an indie author, the challenges and opportunities that presents, and what I’ve been up to recently, so do check it out and give him a subscribe.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who keeps reading The Regulators. They’re continuing to astound and exceed my expectations, even this many years down the line. Thanks to everyone reading and reviewing them. I appreciate the support. 

Look forward to speaking to you again at the end of February, a much shorter month, even if they did sneak another day in there!

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