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A New Year Update

2024 is upon us and for me, it’s a really exciting year. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on The Regulators: Dead Line and then it’ll be off for edit at some point later this month. I’m also currently looking at publication options for Dead Men Don’t Pay. If I don’t find a home for it that works for me, I’ll be self-publishing it again, but for now I’m intrigued to see what the landscape looks like in terms of that book and where other people might want to get involved. It’s a real gear change from The Regulators, so in terms of how marketing that will pan out, I’m not afraid to ask for input and help.

All of that points towards a busy start of the year, but that doesn’t mean I will be kicking back after that. I need to make sure I have the sequel to Dead Men well underway. It’s being plotted at the moment so I should be good to get into it once the pen drops on Dead Line. There will have to be a Regulators 4 in 2025 and I’m also tinkering with a sci-fi novel that may or may not be done sometime soon or in a few years. That’s as vague a commitment as anyone can make.

I’ve really enjoyed feeling like an author again these last few months. I’ll be doing a podcast interview this month with an author called Wayne Kelly, so it will be nice to be the one answering questions and not asking them. In terms of hosting duties, Criminally Inspired, the brand new podcast with the UK Crime Book Club will launch NEXT WEEK on Spotify. I was thrilled to sit down with Antony Johnston, famed for The Dog Sitter Detectives, Brigitte Sharp, Dead Space and so much more. Having him as my first guest was an honour. I can’t wait till you hear it.

Finally, thanks to all those who have spent their Christmases with Jack, Thea and Adam. The last three months have seen a lot more interest in the books and it’s amazing to see them still finding new fans. I hope you’re having fun with them.

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