The Regulators On Kindle Unlimited.

So, after a short time trying out some different sites, that for one reason or another didn’t work out, I’ve brought The Regulators back to it’s original home, solely on Kindle, meaning that anyone who has Kindle Unlimited can read the book as part of their monthly subscription.

If you don’t know what Kindle Unlimited is, it’s kind of like Netflix, but for books. You pay your monthly subs, then you can read the included titles to your hearts content. It’s great for people who read regularly, as well as being awesome for new authors like myself still getting their name out there, because it doesn’t cost the reader anything to take a chance on you.

How’s about then, you head over to Amazon now, sign up for Kindle Unlimited and for your first read, you have a nose through The Regulators. It’s win-win-win, for me, you, and Jeff Bezos. What a three-way.

Also, a little side note to let you know that due to the inevitable chaos that moving house is going to cause this week, I’m postponing this weeks live read, you’ll just have to hold until next week for Chapter 3. Sorry for the inevitable disappointment this will cause and if you’ve missed the others, you can catch them over on the Broadcast page.

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