The Regulators: Dead Line Cover Reveal

The Regulators: Dead Line has it’s striking. Jack Quinn, Thea Watts and Adam Morgan all make the cover, the first time the three main protagonists have been together, appearing from a blood red cloud.

Sean Strong returns as designer, something Ben Bruce said was a no brainer. “I had no hesitation going back to Sean. He interprets my briefs effortlessly every time. I’m always blown away by what he does.”

The rear cover features a return for the Houses of Parliament, last featured in the first book, something Ben Bruce says is integral to the plot. “This book ties up the story that began with a plot within the government to subvert democracy, and now the curtain gets pulled back on just how big the threat is, so it made sense to bring the focus back to London. It’s an ambitious plot, full of energy and drive and I hope people get to the end feeling fulfilled and thrilled. If that’s the case, my job is done.”

There’s also a helicopter hovering over Big Ben, but Ben wasn’t getting drawn into talking about that. “I’m not telling you what it’s doing, other than it’s not on a sight seeing trip. All will be revealed. Eventually.”

Dead Line is the third book in The Regulators series and is slated for an early 2021 release. The original books are available here.

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