The Regulators Arrives on Audible

The first story in The Regulators series has finally landed on Audible, meaning that fans of the series both new and old, can now listen to the adventures of Jack Quinn, Thea Watts and Adam Morgan.

Read once more by Virginia Ferguson, the story opens up the world of The Regulators, a well funded global network of vigilantes that work to expose corruption at some of the highest levels of power. When a mercenary starts to take down political targets in the UK, the Regulators must act fast to find out what the end game is. But the mercenary is being protected by the ruthless head of a London crime gang, who is also being pursued by a determined NCA officer.

Can the Regulators stop the plot before it’s too late?

You can get the audiobook here and if you’ve not already picked up Shadow of Malice, you can do so here.

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