Shadow of Malice Set For Audible Release

The Regulators: Shadow of Malice will be coming to Audible soon, as the adventures of Jack Quinn, Adam Morgan and Thea Watts jumps from the page to the speaker.

Read by Australian actress Virginia Ferguson, the second book in The Regulators series might not have seemed the obvious choice to get the Audible treatment first, but Ben Bruce was keen to explain the rationale.

“The first Regulators book was littered with characters and I think was always going to be a hard ask for any narrator coming into the series new. I wanted to start with Shadow of Malice, and then get to The Regulators after.”

On finally finding the right voice for the roll, Ben had nothing but praise for Virginia and the work she had done.

“From the moment I heard her interpretation of the characters, I knew she was the right person for me. She has delivered an excellent script so far and we’re getting near to the whole thing being finished. I’m thrilled with what she’s done. I’m really hopeful that she’ll want to return to complete the series, as she’s really got a grip with the characters in a way that other authors weren’t doing. She’s absolutely fantastic.”

More details on the release date for Shadow of Malice on Audible will follow soon.

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