New Website and Titles Announced.

Welcome to the new look, which I hope is going to serve as a far more useful tool for me to get my messages out there to the world.

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to change the way I engage people online. Obviously, I needed help to do that, and so I enlisted the services of a friend of mine from back at university, Matt Horne.

Apart from doing a really poor impression of being a Canadian, Matt knows his shit when it comes to social media, and he’s been guiding me over the last month or so and will continue to do so in the coming months. I’m extremely grateful for his help and I’m sure it’s going to make a huge difference. If you’re interested in learning more about digital marketing, or you just want to know what Jesus looked like in his lumberjack days, check out his site –

Away from the website though and part of the reason behind this whole rebranding, has been my desire to do something new.

I’ve had an absolute blast writing The Regulators and Deadline is still very much my top priority. However, when I started writing the first book, I knew I had no intention of pigeon holing myself. I don’t want to be a thriller author. I want to be a writer.

Therefore I’m delighted to officially announce two upcoming titles, which if you’ve spoken to me recently, you probably already know about already.

The first, which is already well underway, is How NOT To Get A Job In Television. Based on the many years I spent trying to get my first job in TV, and the numerous, often cringeworthy mistakes I made, this book is a timely warning for any new entrants into the world of TV, against some of the common mistakes (and thankfully less common ones too) that people continue to make even to this day, that could stop them from landing their dream job. By no means does it pretend to be an aid to get you a job, that’s a totally different ball game, one that I don’t think anyone can deliver with certainity. In fact, if you come across someone who says they can tell you how, they’re a snake oil salesman, plain and simple.

Often ridiculous, more so moronic, and hopefully at times hilarious, as well as laughing at me for being a clueless fool, I’ve also spoken with respected industry professionals to offer advice on how people can not make the mistakes I did, and therefore not, NOT get a job in TV.

Following that, and The Regulators: Deadline, I will once again be putting myself under the microscope, with the semi-autobiographical – Once Upon A Time In the 90s, a coming of age tale set against the backdrop of one of the greatest decades. It’s not my story of growing up in the 90s, that’d be a little bit shit, but will be based around events that happened in and around my life. This isn’t a thriller. This is a story about adolescence and adulthood and that messy period of confusion in between. It’s about love and lust and what you thought was love but was ultimately just your hormones making you show yourself up to be a tit. It’s about booze, drugs, losing yourself in the haze of it all and hopefully finding yourself again as you come out the back end. Most of all, it’s about the hope and empowerment that decade seemed to engender in so many people, and how hollow it proved to be in the end.

Once more, I’m talking with people who lived the lives I want to try and chronicle. This was a decade I feel that whilst I was a part of, I was spectating for a lot of it and to all those who have sat down and talked with me so far, I’m extremely grateful.

Details on releases for all three books will appear on this site in due course. In the meantime, thanks for the support and I look forward to the next year and more of writing! Make sure you keep abreast of everything by signing up to my mailing list – here.


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