International Men’s Day

I’ve always taken the time to try and ensure that my male characters aren’t just blokes who go out and smash stuff up and do what they want without feeling the consequences of their actions. On International Men’s Day especially, I think it’s really important to find a way to be honest with ourselves.
As a man, I know that sometimes we can hold onto some of life’s burdens. We can carry them far longer than we need to, because we don’t find ways to talk about them. These moments can be massively destructive if we let them fester.
Life isn’t something you get to come through unscathed. There are going to be times of struggle, and we need to share those burdens, so here’s my plea today, to all the lads out there. Find someone, or somewhere or some way you can express yourself and feel safe. Don’t be scared of being honest and open with your loved ones.
You can do a lot on your own, but you can’t do it all. Only by finding other people who can guide us through this shit, do we make it to the end in as good a shape as possible.
Stand by your fellow men as well. If you find someone who is down, don’t kick sand in their face, but give them a hand up. Work with each other and for each other. If we do that, we might start to build a better society, not just for us, not just for men, but for everyone.

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