The Regulators: Shadow of Malice

Shadow of Malice

A child turns up at a rural police station in Yorkshire, with a tale that will shock the nation. As Thea Watts begins her investigation, she realises she can’t trust the system to keep the boy safe, so she calls on the one man she knows won’t let her down, Jack Quinn, a vigilante with his heart set on doing one thing; the right thing.

But Quinn is out of The Regulators, the secret organisation he was a member of, exiled for failing to carry out an order to kill Watts. Will he be able to help her and if he does, will he be able to do it the right way, or will need the justice outweigh the need to follow the law? Shadow Of Malice is the thrilling second book in The Regulators series, by Ben Bruce.

This sequel received hugely positive reviews, making the semi finals of the international Adventure Writers Competition, the one and only writing competition any of Ben’s books has ever been entered in.

Shadow of Malice is available to purchase in eBook, paperback and as part of Kindle Unlimited