Born in Nuneaton in 1982, telling stories has been a huge part of Ben Bruce’s life since his earliest days and throughout his school days he showed an obvious passion and flair for writing. Encouraged at home by his mum, his early stories were more often than not science fiction based but he soon spread his wings to other genres. In those early days, there wasn’t really much thought of what outlet he might use to tell those stories in later life, but he soon found himself lured to the bright lights of writing for film and TV.

After school, he took a year out to get drunk and grow up, before heading to the University of Sunderland, where he got drunk and quite a bit more immature. Following a run in with a local taxi, he eventually graduated with a 2:1 in Media Production and set off looking for a job in television.

Fast forward over half a decade later, he realised that dream and has been working in the industry ever since, telling the real life stories of the people of the UK, for a host of major broadcasters and production companies, and being a part of a number of award winning teams. His credits include Our Dementia Choir, Old People’s Home For Four Year Olds and Traffic Cops.

Now, he’s writing books. “The Regulators” was his first foray into fiction, and is a homage to the frantic action style of 24, and the no nonsense bad-assery of Jack Reacher.

Away from writing, he is the host of One Up The Boro’, a podcast about Nuneaton Borough FC, which so far has received no complaints. He can also be found stepping into the commentary box, when there are no other responsible adults available.

He is not the lead guitarist of metalcore band Asking Alexandria, and therefore has never won Kerrang’s Sexiest Male Award, although if he was ever to enter, he’d no doubt be a clear favourite. AA are also pretty cool so you should check out their new track here. He does however, live in Hinckley, UK, with his wife Vicky and his kids Jack and Eliza. He’d love a pint, thanks for asking.